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Hello!  My name is  Sylwia  Kolowacik

I’m a freelance graphic designer. Digital illustration and 2D animation are my passions. At work, I use various techniques, thanks to which I will offer you many opportunities that you will be able to use to achieve the desired effect. I also deal with graphic design related to brand identification – such as logos, business cards and other projects for web and print. Before I decided to start my own business, I worked for a corporation for many years. This is good news for you, because the experience gained in working in a managerial position and in running many complex projects guarantees that you work with a reliable person. With a partner you can rely on. In my professional life I am conscientious, punctual, I do not like understatements and I keep my word. This is also what I expect from my colleagues. I believe that efficient communication and mutual understanding are the key to success.


Studies and courses

I graduated from the Faculty of Graphics at the European Faculty of Arts of Vistula University. While studying, apart from digital graphics, I devoted a lot of time to traditional art forms – such as workshop graphics, painting and drawing. It really developed the imagination.

In the field of computer graphics and animation I have undergone many training courses and thematic courses. Every day, I perfect my skills, improve my competences and look for new solutions.

I also underwent education in the field of internet marketing, SEO and social media.


I work in Polish,  English. I have basic knowledge of the French language 

working tools & equipment

I work on Adobe software and many other applications for graphic designers and animators such as Moho13, VideoScribe, Toonly, Doodly, Procreate, iMovie, Motion and others.

I work in the macOS environment. I use graphic tablets.


My other passions are Paris and art. For over 6 years I have been running a blog about the capital of France, the history of artists who have associated their lives and careers with it, museums, and interesting facts from the world of fashion and art.
I can confidently say that it is currently the most popular website in Poland when it comes to the Paris theme. “O północy w Paryżu”

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Polska, Warsaw

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