Animation – check how you can use it !

  • A distinctive and memorable business advertisement biznesu

A short story, most often with characters, with or without a voiceover, to encourage people to buy a product or service. Usually structured on a simple scheme: problem – your service / product – problem solved.

The stories are usually light and humorous. Look below!

Animated advertisement for a training company, based on the provided script. Character design based on guidelines. All graphics made for the film purpose.


Animated advertisement for Sky Tattoo  – tattoo studio, based on the provided script. Design and illustration of characters and scenery. Professional lectors.

Animated advertisement for a brokerage company. Customer’s scenario, vector graphics made to order. Lector. Whiteboard animation style

Animation made for the IT company, one of its services is website building. Lector. Graphics from the library.

Animacja zachęcająca do skorzystania z ochrony ubezpieczeniowej – produkt D&O

  • simple and engaging explanation of how your service, product or process works

A concise and accessible narrative combined with interestingly arranged animated graphics attracts the viewer’s attention and successfully communicates with the message. This type of movie is called: EXPLAINER. It is suitable for advertising purposes, but also instructional or informative. In the video, you can explain to the client, for example, how to fill out a form. You can also use it for internal purposes and communication with the employees.

Whiteboad style animation explaining the new form of visual advertising

Animation explaining the way the theft protection works, made for the company Bezpieczne Auto

Animation for an esports company describing the functioning of the new protal.

Animation promoting the “Czas na dobry gas” campaign for EWE Sp. z o.o. from the energy industry

Animated map showing the organization and route of a canoeing trip

An instructional video presenting a step-by-step process of concluding a contract online via the Autenti platform.

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  • distinguishing feature on social networks

Animations are the perfect differentiator in social media.
Background movie on FB, animation on Instastories, intro on Youtube, a teaser about your company or a specific event in a selected format. What do you need? Let me know!

Facebook Post

advert –  instastories

  Instagram Post

  whiteboard style

background movie for facebook

youtube intro

  • animation to music

Animation of the famous painting by Wassily Kandinsky “composition no 8” to the music of Claude Debussy.
All graphic objects prepared for the project.


An animated clip to a song by a young artist, made in cooperation with the producer of the album, Delphy Records

  • animation for kids

Mela and the squirrel is an animation entirely made on the basis of my own project. Characters and scenery elements designed for the film.

The cat and his mistress. A short love story for a pet! Characters designed for the film and prepared for animation. Most of the background graphic items are made by yourself.

  • educational animations

A short animation telling the story of the creation of a whiteboard-style baguette. Drawing on the glass, sponge erasing slides effect.


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